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Office Posture Matters

office ergonomics

All too often do we hear office workers come in and say.... "my neck is really stiff", "my back is sore", "my shoulders are so tight", "my hand gets a bit numb". Is this something you can relate to? Have you ever stopped and wondered why?

Most of us sit at our desks for 8 - 10 hours a day. That's a LONG time, considering we generally sleep between 6 - 9 hours a day. Sitting at your desk isn't the problem, it's the length of time in which we stay in the same position and more than likely we are not setup ergonomically.

When you're next at your desk - stop and check how your desk setup is:

- are your feet flat on the floor?

- is your monitor at eye level?

- are you reaching for your mouse or keyboard?

- does your chair support your lower back?

- do you feel that you're hunched over?

If so - change your setup. It might feel weird at first, but give it a couple of days and check in and see whether your prior discomforts still persist. Remember - a small change can make a big difference to your ongoing health.

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