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Learn to swing like Tiger Woods

Want to play better golf? Whether you're an aspiring pro golfer or a weekend warrior the secret is in the swing, easier said than done right? Golf is a game of skill, perseverance and rhythm. While you may not be blessed with all of these attributes, ensuring you move freely and perform to your very best is a sure way of achieving a great swing.

At some stage or another all golfers wanted to be like Tiger Woods, Tiger changed the face of golf with his new approach to athleticism and explosive swing, after turning professional at the age of 20, went on to win numerous

tournaments including 14 Majors. He clearly had the skill and he moved well. With a golf swing so dynamic and the ability to generate amazing power and accuracy you have to be moving freely and well. Tiger Woods is a well known advocate of Chiropractic, and for much of his career he had a personal chiropractor on tour. So without a doubt you can say he benefited from regular adjustments for the better part of 2 decades of his career. Only when your spine and pelvis are well aligned are you going to have a fluid swing with great mobility free from restriction. If you move well, you eliminate the strain and tension on your joints ligaments, muscles and tendons. Removing unnecessary strain and fatigue ultimately leads to a quicker recovery... and more quality golf. Tiger is now 43yrs of age and he has made a successful come back to professional golf following spinal surgery. Wait did you say spinal surgery? Thats right among many other sustained injuries throughout his career he suffered from multiple disc herniations. When generating that much power the resultant force travels through the body like a chain to spine. Chiropractic has allowed Tiger to play and sustain a high level of golf for over 20 years, which is phenomenal! I have no doubt he still has chiropractic care to prevent further wear and tear and compete at the highest level possible. So where you're a golfer or any athlete you will benefit from a spine free of restriction and misalignment, allowing to perform at your very best and recover faster and more efficiently. To maximise your athletic performance get your spine checked regularly. Talk to us today about improving your game with Chiropractic! Check out the link below to see how Tiger Woods overcame his recent back surgery. Watch Now: Tiger Woods come back post surgery

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