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Initial Consultation

You'll be warmly welcomed to our modern, comfortable family friendly centre and asked to fill out a health history form. This important information will be used by Dr. Damian Lawgun to start understanding your health background.


You will then meet Damian who will take the time to listen and get a complete picture of your current situation, taking into account your past health history and your desired results, whether its pain relief or life time wellness care.  


This includes a thorough examination consisting of physical exam assessments to identify any structural or physical dysfunction in your spine and nervous system. Damian will explain every step of the exam and ensure that you are comfortable with the process. You may be referred for X-Rays or other tests after this visit to help complete your health picture and formulate a plan of care. (X-Rays and other tests are eligible for Bulk billing)

Before the completion of your first visit you may* receive your first Chiropractic adjustment to begin your health journey.

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*this will be assessed by Dr. Damian Lawgun

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