4 tips to help you stay motivated to exercise

August 19, 2017


It's cold outside. I'm tired. It's too hard to get ready in the morning. I'll start tomorrow. Yep, I've heard them all before and over these winter months, I've heard myself saying it when the alarm goes off in the morning.


It's always hard to get started or get back into it, often starting is more mentally challenging than physically.  Too often that little voice in your head says I’ll start tomorrow.


Below are 4 common thoughts that may run through your head and how to beat them.


I'll start tomorrow

Focus on why you wanted to get started in the first place. To increase your energy, manage stress, change your body shape, fit into that new dress! Write it down in a place you can see it every day, tell your friends and hold yourself accountable to it. Start today!


It's too hard to get ready in the morning

Don't give yourself an excuse. Get your clothes ready the night before. The shoes, keys and drink bottle next to the door. All ready to go. You have no excuses now.


I'm too tired

Did you know that exercise will increase your endorphins, and you will feel more exercised as you begin to exercise. The hardest part of exercise, is to get to the start line. Think about the buzz you will get after you've finished exercising.


It's cold outside

There's a saying - there's so such thing as bad weather, just bad choices. Go buy yourself a warmer top that you're excited to wear. Oh, and remember, as you move your body temperature rises, so you won't be cold for long! Or quite simply, exercise indoors - problem solved!

Next time you hear that voice in your head, remember what you promised yourself, and think of all the positive things you experienced after you exercised. Increased energy, focus, clarity, happier, healthier and the sense of achievement. What's not to love about that? 



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