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What's common between your car and & your spine?

How much value do you place on your health? Is your health more valuable when you lose it? Health is more than just the absence of disease; ultimately it’s feeling and functioning well on a physical, chemical and mental level.

Without a doubt Maintaining health is a balancing act, when we’re able to balance all of life’s stresses, health is last thing on our minds. When we lose that balance and the cracks begin to appear it quickly becomes the forefront of our minds.

“Health is not valued until sickness comes” Thomas Fuller

Are you doing enough to maintain your health, are you exceeding your requirements or are you just teetering on the edge? How about your spinal health, are you active or reactive in the care of you back?

Your spine plays a vital role in your health, our spine keeps us upright and allows us to move, like armor it protects our vital nervous system and it’s function. But like any piece of machinery it is subject to wear and tear without proper maintenance.




noun: maintenance

1. the process of preserving a condition or situation or the state of being preserved.

Here's an analogy; is there a greater shock or horror when you take your car in for a service and they give you an invoice at the end for all the parts that needing replacing? Probably not, and little consolation when the mechanic says “all moving parts eventually wear out, but with proper maintenance will last longer”

In our experience those who receive maintenance care for their spine have both fewer and less severe episodes of back pain, in instances of acute pain they also respond a lot quicker to treatment than those who seldom receive care. Summed up, health is your body’s ability to adapt, and being regularly adjusted promotes increased adaptability of your spine and its muscles and goes a long way in preventing future problems.

When we’re at our best, not only are we pain free, but also everything just works better. We move without restriction, we have more energy, we sleep well, our moods are better...we’re a picture of health.

Our health is valuable, we invest in it, and part of that investment should include maintenance care. Keeping your spine in line and maintaining it like a well-oiled machine just makes sense. Just ask your mechanic or Chiropractor.


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