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What your child's bad posture tells you about their future health

children poor posture

There’s little question measuring posture can be a helpful assessment tool, but what can bad posture tell you about your child’s future heath?

The Master Control System The spine is the central protective casing for the delicate and vital communication system within the human frame. This makes its structure and function paramount to the health of the body in general. Your Bio-Structural System (spine and nervous system) make up the primary input-output pathways for information to and from the brain, coordinate complex movements, as well as play a unique role in the health of your brain.

Damaging posture can come from many individual sources, but more likely, it’s a combination of many or all of these potential factors ranging from:

  • Child birth

  • Car seats

  • Back packs

  • Sitting at school

  • Injuries

  • Inactivity

  • Chronic stress

  • …just to highlight a few.

How does your child's posture affect their health? While we recognize the fact that bad posture will affect us as we age, most overlook it’s origin and the opportunity to correct it long before it becomes a major source of dysfunction and increasingly difficult to alter. Here are some of the outcomes bad posture in your children today could lead to in their future.

Abnormal Bone Growth Wolff’s Law states that bone in a healthy person will adapt to the loads under which it is placed. Simply put, abnormal postural stress and current loads will alter bone development.

Mental Health In a 2015 study from Health Psychology, researchers noted participants with poor posture were more fearful, hostile, nervous, quiet, still, passive, dull, sleepy, and sluggish. Posture seems to influence how we feel about ourselves, how we handle our stress and how happy we ultimately are. Lung Function & Life Span Uncorrected postural problems can play a role in age related postural issues such as dowager’s hump and excessive kyphosis. The long-term effects of these conditions may include reduced lung function and even a reduction in life span=. Hormones In a Ted Talk well worth watching, researcher Amy Cuddy explains how changes in our position affect us the deepest levels including our hormones. Altering our posture dramatically impacts testosterone and cortisol, two key hormones in controlling our long term health.

The long-term implications of excessive cortisol production alone are dramatic…

  • Destruction of healthy muscle and bone

  • Slowing down healing and normal cell regeneration

  • Impairment of digestion, metabolism and mental function

  • Interference with healthy endocrine function

  • Weakening of the immune system.

What can you do?

At Well By Design Chiropractic, we take care of all members of the family, including babies, toddlers, school-aged kids and teens.

If you’re worried about your child suffering from bad posture, take the next step and schedule their free Spinal Health Assessment at Well By Design Chiropractic An assessment is a conversation, not a commitment. If we find out that your child may benefit from chiropractic care, we’ll proceed with a Initial consultation to assess the function of their spine and master control system. If you have any other questions about having your child’s spine and nerve system assessed, give us a call at 98578807 today.

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