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How to choose the right pillow

To get a restful night, having the right pillow is critical. How you sleep determines the type of pillow you need.

If your’re a side sleeper - a higher pillow is generally recommended. A medium pillow is recommended for back sleepers and a low pillow for tummy sleepers.

We generally don’t recommend anyone to sleep on their tummy as it means that you’re spending an extended period of time with your neck twisted.

The pillow height you choose should provide your neck and head with the required support to keep them both aligned throughout the night.

With the right pillow you can be confident you’ll be waking up fresh and ready to take on the day.

At Well By Design Chiropractic we stock a range of Health Professional recommended Flexi Pillows that will cater for your sleeping position.

We are happy to have a chat to understand your sleep requirements and recommend the best pillow for you.

Call us today or come visit us at our family friendly wellness centre.

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